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Posted: 27th September 2016

Remember, remember fireworks aren’t just in November!

Dare we say it but Firework Season is not far away and now is the best time to start using various treatments including pheremone plug ins as these can take time to work.

If your cat or dog suffers with Firework Fear then call us now to discuss what you can start doing to help make sure that your pet is as relaxed as possible this year.

Pheromone support

Pheromones are natural chemical ‘signals’, which are secreted by animals to communicate different types of messages to themselves or others. One pheromone dog’s use is called the ‘dog appeasing pheromone’ that a mother produces to reassure her puppies. This pheromone has been proven to not only reassure puppies, but also adult dogs in challenging situations such as fireworks night. ADAPTIL® is a synthetic copy of this pheromone and studies have shown its effectiveness in helping dogs with sound sensitivities. Plugging in an ADAPTIL diffuser or using an ADAPTIL collar early will help create a calm atmosphere in your home to help your dog with firework anxiety.


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