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Posted: 1st March 2015

Routine Grooming

In addition to the regular health checks your pet receives from us, it’s great idea to perform some form of routine grooming yourself. Get your pet used to you examining their eyes, ears, teeth, feet and giving them a general check-over. This way you can better detect any problems at an earlier stage.

So what may you find when grooming your pet?


...need no introduction to most pet owners! The two major ones to keep a watchful look out for are fleas and ticks.


Pets are often very effective at grooming fleas (thus removing the evidence!), so as well as looking for these tiny pests, keep an eye out for any signs of brown flea ‘dirt’ (flea faeces) which also indicates their presence. Fleas are a major cause of skin problems in pets and can also bite humans!


...the big issue here is the disease they can transfer to your pet when they latch on and feed on their blood. This is mainly in the form of Lyme disease (which can affect pets and humans alike), but for pets travelling to mainland Europe, many will be exposed to a range of other diseases carried by ticks. Regular grooming and removal of ticks with a suitable tick hook, plus treatment with a product to kill or repel ticks, forms the basis for prevention of tick borne diseases on our pets.

Grass seeds

...of the meadow grasses are easily trapped in the coats of pets, especially dogs. They often migrate and become lodged in a variety of places including the ear, eyes and between toes. Regular grooming – especially after walks, is helpful in preventing problems with grass seeds and ticks.

Lumps and swellings

...are another issue to keep a watchful eye out for. If you find a skin lump on your pet, there are several possible underlying causes – these include abscesses, hernias and tumours. Tumours can be either benign – which tend to be slow growing and remain in one place, or malignant – which invade the surrounding tissues and may also spread to other parts of the body.

If you find and lumps or swellings it’s a good idea to get them checked by us as soon as possible. Timing is everything and delay in appropriate treatment can be the difference between a small treatable mass and one that is far more difficult to treat.


So – when grooming your pet, if you find anything of concern, bring your pet in for a check-over and don’t forget to maintain your guard against fleas and ticks and grass seeds!


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