24 Hour Emergency and Critical Care

Vets and nurses on the premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
If you need us for an urgent enquiry of an emergency just call, we answer the phone 24 hours a day (01235) 524 777. Emergencies in the night are seen at our Abingdon Veterinary Surgery. Please note we have a reduced staffing level at night so we would kindly ask that for routine enquiries and appointments you call during our main opening hours.

Abingdon Veterinary Surgery
The Vineyard,
OX14 3NR
T. (01235) 524 777
E. abingdonhospital@abivale.com

Meet Our Team

We are fortunate at Abivale Veterinary Group to have an amazing team of committed, talented and enthusiastic staff. Here is a brief introduction to the team...

We are committed to a programme of continuing professional development throughout every area of The Abivale Veterinary Group.

Our vets regularly attend courses and seminars ensuring we remain at the leading edge of veterinary practice.
We are also registered with The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as a Nurse Training Centre.


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Amberly Castle Amberly Castle
Anita Dowe Anita Dowe
Arturo Chamorro Arturo Chamorro
Charlene Nolan Charlene Nolan
Chloe Ramsay Chloe Ramsay
Claire Denny Claire Denny
Colleen Stacey Colleen Stacey
Cyd Attwood Cyd Attwood
Elisha Webber Elisha Webber
Ella Farmer Ella Farmer
Hannah Dennis Hannah Dennis
Jan Godding Jan Godding
Karin Vaz Candeias Karin Vaz Candeias
Kim Wells Kim Wells
Laura Hobden Laura Hobden
Lauren Cherry Lauren Cherry
Liz Bazeley Liz Bazeley
Lowri David Lowri David
Mandy Evans Mandy Evans
Marie Carter Marie Carter
Mikaela Ivko Mikaela Ivko
Patricia Phillips Patricia Phillips
Rebecca Howard Rebecca Howard
Renata De Rosayro Renata De Rosayro
Sharon Anchors Sharon Anchors
Tanya Cooper Tanya Cooper
Tina Warner Tina Warner
Trish Mawford Trish Mawford
Zoe Shelton-Smith Zoe Shelton-Smith

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