24 Hour Emergency and Critical Care

Vets and nurses on the premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
If you need us for an urgent enquiry of an emergency just call, we answer the phone 24 hours a day (01235) 524 777. Emergencies in the night are seen at our Abingdon Veterinary Surgery. Please note we have a reduced staffing level at night so we would kindly ask that for routine enquiries and appointments you call during our main opening hours.

Abingdon Veterinary Surgery
The Vineyard,
OX14 3NR
T. (01235) 524 777
E. abingdonhospital@abivale.com

General information

Drop off/Collection Times

  • Monday to Saturday inclusive 10am - 1pm, 2pm to 4:30pm.
  • Sundays and Bank Holidays - No admission or collection.


We provide bedding but please feel free to bring any favourite items or toys.


The cats are fed twice a day unless required otherwise. Kittens and elderly cats are fed according to their individual needs. We offer a selection of wet and dried food and complete diets, all of which is prepared in our dedicated cattery kitchen.

Housekeeping and hygiene

Chalets and runs are cleaned daily and dirt trays are checked and emptied at least twice daily
The Chalets and runs are thoroughly sterilised between stays.

Illness whilst boarding

A major benefit of choosing Didcot Cattery is that a Veterinary Surgeon is available every day.
Should our Cattery staff have any concern regarding your cat’s health then we will immediately seek the advice of one of our Veterinary Surgeons.


Our dedicated staff are all great cat lovers and trained in the essential skills of:

  • Cattery management
  • Recognition of symptoms of illness
  • Handling difficult boarders
  • Cleanliness and hygiene and an awareness of diseases transmissible to humans
  • Worming and flea protocols
  • How to administer medication
  • Agreed procedures and protocols in the rare event of a disease outbreak

Terms and Conditions

Charges per day (inclusive of VAT)

  • 1 cat = £12.00 per day.
  • 2 cats sharing = £21.00 per day.
  • 3 cats sharing = £28.00 per day.
  • Only cats from the same household may share.
  • There is a minimum charge of three days board.
  • Please give us as much notice as possible of any cancellation.
  • A full day’s board is charged for the day of arrival and departure.


Payment of fees to be made at the time of collection. We accept most credit/debit cards, cheques or cash. In the event of an early collection, the full boarding period booked will be charged.

Boarding Request Form

Please book as early as you can, giving firm dates together with details of your cat. When you book for the first time we will require details such as address and contact number when on holiday and information on your cat, such as diet needs and vaccination status. This will be entered on our computerised record system allowing us to be a lot quicker in handling future boarding enquiries.

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