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Please read on to find answers to a selection of questions that you may have.

How do I contact you in an emergency?

Call 01235 524 777 and you will be transferred to the duty Vet. Please always call us prior to arrival so that we can prepare for your pet. For security during the night, entry is not allowed without having telephoned in advance.

Can I just telephone for advice?

Of course we will be happy to help with any urgent enquiries. For routine appointments and general enquiries, however, we kindly ask that you call during our normal opening hours.

Who will be treating and looking after my pet?

There is an Abivale Nurse on-site at all times at the Abingdon branch and an experienced Abivale Vet on call should they be needed. During the night, the duty Nurse will continue to monitor your pet and perform the same check and observations as they would during the day to ensure that your pet receives the best level of care.

An example of some surgical procedures which commonly occur during the night include:

  • Caesareans
  • Spaying for womb infections
  • Wound stitch ups
  • Foreign body removals (balls, sticks, toys, stones etc)
  • Unblocking the bladder of obstructed male cats

All aided with an array of diagnostic tools including x-rays, ultrasound, blood tests and much more…

Do we do home visits out of hours?

Treatment of a pet is much more successful at the surgery where we have access to all our medicines and equipment. It can be difficult for our Vets and Nurses to leave the premises at night as not only do they have patients to attend to in the hospital, they also have to be present for other emergencies.

If my pet stays in the hospital, is it possible for me to visit?

Yes, of course you can! Visiting your pet aids their recovery and, hence, we strongly encourage it! However visiting times are restricted to certain times within our normal opening hours so you can have a relaxed visit in a quiet environment.

We recommend that a visit appointment is made with the Vet overseeing your pet’s care so that you can receive an update in person relating to your pet’s progress. This also ensures that all owners are not visiting at the same time, which can be stressful for the patients. If you wish, it should be possible to spend some time alone with your pet before or after your appointment with the Vet.

How do I pay and what is the cost?

Fees depend on the level of care that your pet requires. A critically ill patient will obviously require a higher level of monitoring and treatment than a more stable patient and costs reflect this. An estimate of cost will be provided on admit and further bill updates will be discussed on a daily basis. Costly procedures and treatments will not be performed without your consent. Please note that full payment is usually required at the time of your pet’s discharge, or at time of treatment if your pet is not admitted.

We accept all debit and credit card payments (except American Express) as well as cash and cheques.

If your pet is insured then make us aware at the time as we may be able to do a direct claim on your behalf.

Questions & Answers

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