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If you need us for an urgent enquiry of an emergency just call, we answer the phone 24 hours a day (01235) 524 777. Emergencies in the night are seen at our Abingdon Veterinary Surgery. Please note we have a reduced staffing level at night so we would kindly ask that for routine enquiries and appointments you call during our main opening hours.

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Betty’s Story… (as told by Betty)

Posted: 13th November 2017

I don’t like to remember my time before I was rescued. The human who had me wasn’t very nice to me. I always had to stay in a small cage in a dark room. I couldn’t go outside for the toilet so I had to mess on my bed. I remember feeling very itchy – I didn’t have as much fur as the other dogs, my eyes were always very sore and I had trouble seeing, I was always feeling hungry and had an upset tummy.

I was never allowed outside, but one day, the human I was with decided they couldn’t take care of me with all of my problems so they put me outside alone. I was excited because I hadn’t been outside for a really long time, but I was also scared. I couldn’t get back inside so I started walking. I wasn’t sure where to go. It was a very sunny day and I quickly became very hot and tired, and my skin was so itchy that I had to scratch myself on fences and I made myself bleed. I’m not sure how long I wandered for. Then a strange man with a van found me and put me in a cage. I’d never been in a car before. It smelt funny and there were other dogs in cages too. It was very loud and bumpy and I was scared. I couldn’t stop shaking. Thank goodness, the journey wasn’t very long. The man took me out of the cage and took me into a big white building. I wasn’t sure where I was or where he was taking me, but everyone seemed very happy to see me. I didn’t realize at the time, but I was about to meet my mum.

The man took me in to a room and we waited for a little while. I was given some water and some food – it was delicious. And then my mum walked in. I knew it was her the moment I saw her. She said hello to me and smiled. She gave me a good look over, checking my skin and my heart – even inside my mouth! She told me I was a good girl, that I was safe, and that she was going to make me feel better. She gave me cuddles and kisses even though I was real stinky! My old human never did those things.

I stayed in the hospital for a couple of days while my mum gave me medicines to make me feel better. Then the day came when she took me home. Now, she said it was just for a little while, until she found a new home for me. I think we both knew she was telling porkies when she said that! I was home, and she was my mum. It’s a match made in heaven. She loves me – even though I keep her awake with my snoring and blame her for my farts; and I love her – even though she makes me have a bath and doesn’t let me eat the cat poop.

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