Creepy Crawlies

Posted: 8th June 2017

Have you got an adventurous best friend who likes to see, smell and taste everything they come across on a walk?

Protected against all the creepy crawlies!!!

Well you are not alone! We can't always stop them, but we can make sure they are protected against all the creepy crawlies they can pick up along the way.

We can HELP!

If you need help choosing which flea/worm/tick product is best for your lifestyle, please give us a call at any of our branches and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer all of your questions.

For more information call us on:

  • Abingdon: 01235 524 777
  • Didcot: 01235 511 553
  • Oxford: 01865 736 868
  • Wallingford: 01491 839 043
  • Wantage: 01235 770 333
Creepy Crawlies

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