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If you need us for an urgent enquiry of an emergency just call, we answer the phone 24 hours a day (01235) 524 777. Emergencies in the night are seen at our Abingdon Veterinary Surgery. Please note we have a reduced staffing level at night so we would kindly ask that for routine enquiries and appointments you call during our main opening hours.

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5th November!

Posted: 5th November 2018

Tonight, is the night! Have you done everything you can to reduce the stress for your pet?

  • Stay home. Firework noises are scary and unfamiliar, don’t leave your pet alone with them.
  • Walk your dog before it gets dark, before the noises start. Always keep them on a lead, so they cannot sun off.
  • Make sure your pets are indoors where it’s safe.
  • Loud TV or music will help distract your pet from what’s happening outside.
  • If your pet seems unsettled, use their favourite toy or game to distract them.
  • Provide your pet with somewhere to hide.
  • Keep your doors, windows and curtains closed to minimise the noise.
  • If your pet seeks attention, give it. If they are settled and calm, be sure to praise them.
5th November!

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