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Pudding the Hungry Cat - Part 4

Posted: 1st May 2018

Over the last three installments, our friend Pudding has been busy! She had been diagnosed with feline hyperthyroidism, started on daily medication and responded well but decided she was a good candidate for the new treatment - radioactive iodine therapy. We left Pudding at The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre while her radiation levels needed to reduce to a safe level before she could come home. This is where we pick up our final chapter in Pudding’s hyperthyroid journey.

During Pudding’s stay the nursing team ensured her family were updated every day, letting them know how she was eating, how many pats she had, and even sent photos to show how happy she was getting all the fuss and attention. On collection day the team went over all the measures that had to be taken at home over the next 4 weeks. Every case is different but generally there are restrictions on how much time you can spend with them each day, and special procedures when handling their urine and faeces. There was nothing to worry about though as the team at the HCC explained everything thoroughly and answered any questions. Pudding was then released for the trip back home - a car ride isn’t her favourite thing but she was happy to be going home as she’d missed terrorising her canine friends at home.

Two months later…

Pudding returned to us at the clinic for all her follow-up bloods tests and as we expected she passed with flying colours! Pudding has returned to her normal self and is back at a healthy weight. Her thyroid hormone levels have remained within normal which means the procedure was a success and she won’t need any further treatment. You may remember from her first examination that Pudding had been recommended a dental. Now all her follow-up tests have been completed, her dental procedure will be carried out in the next couple of months. She has kindly consented to us following her on her dental journey as well so watch this space for an in-depth look at feline dental disease.

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