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Are you pet-ready for tomorrow night?

Posted: 31st December 2017

Remember, remember fireworks aren’t just in November!!! New Year’s Eve celebrations can be extremely frightening for our pets. Please keep them safe this New Year’s Eve.

We asked one of our Vets to give advice as to what we can all do to try and make the firework season as calm as possible:

Your pet may show several signs of fear which can include:

  • Barking
  • Shaking
  • Hiding
  • Drooling

My best tips for helping your dog would be:

  • Walk your dog before dark so that they are not out when the fireworks start
  • Close the curtains and turn the radio/tv up a little louder than usual
  • Create a den. This should be an area away from external walls where your dog can feel safe. This may be a coping mechanism that your dog already uses. Prepare their den in advance and encourage them to use it by adding their favourite toys or familiar blankets.
  • As hard as it is, try your best to ignore your pet’s fearful behaviour, comforting them may exacerbate their fear.
  • Consider buying a Thundershirt/anxiety reducing shirt.
  • Consider using pheromone diffusers/collars such as Adpatil.
  • Noise desensitisation is important long term. You can download some really good tracks for free from the Dogs Trust website It is best to start noise desensitisation in the New Year once the firework season has finished.

My advice for cat owners would be:

  • Keep cats indoors after dark.
  • Consider using pheromone diffusers such as Feliway but these need to be started a few weeks before the firework season starts.
  • Provide suitable hiding places that your cat can go to where they will feel safe. Find somewhere that is quiet and where they are unlikely to be disturbed.

Don’t forget your small furries! (rabbits etc)

  • If possible, bring hutches indoors
  • Place thick blankets around the hutch to reduce noise transmission and reduce flashes.

If you feel that your pet needs more help then please call 01235 524777 and book an appointment with a Vet as sometimes medications are required.

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