Meet Sandra – one of our invaluable nurses!

Posted: 29th May 2017

Spotlight on our nursing team for National Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month

Sandra completed her veterinary nursing studies in her home country of Portugal in 2014 and is one of our newest family members here at Abivale. The different temperature in England took a little to get used to but she has hit her stride and is a valuable member of our team.

Sandra enjoys caring for and building strong relationships with each of her patients. Each patient is an individual which means every day she learns something new. Whether it is emergency and critical care nursing, rehabilitation, or caring for sick and injured wildlife, Sandra puts passion in to everything she does.

Her favourite animals to work with are horses and dogs, and she especially loves Czechoslovakian wolfdogs.

The veterinary profession can be a grueling one, with each and every day presenting new challenges for our team. Our nurses provide immeasurable support during difficult times, not just for us, but for our clients as well, and for this we thank them.

Meet Sandra – one of our invaluable nurses!

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