Meet Ana...

Posted: 16th May 2017

Meet Ana – another of member of our amazing nursing team!

Ana is originally from Portugal and started her veterinary nursing career in 2007 as a work experience volunteer. By 2012 she had completed her qualification and has been a vital part of the Abivale family since 2013.

We all find it difficult to pick just one favourite animal, but Ana is passionate about dogs and has a soft spot for bull mastiff-type breeds. These breeds can sometimes be misunderstood but can make great family pets.

Ana enjoys all aspects of her job and has a special interest in nutrition and animal behaviour. She also has a special knack of calming angry cats – a trait that definitely comes in handy!

Not all of our patients like us, and we know not to take it personally. Having a skilled and fearless team of nurses with their repertoire of tricks to help calm our patients is priceless. It is these skills that help to keep our staff safe and our patients happy, even in the trickiest of situations, and for that we thank them.

Meet Ana...

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