A chilly turn

Posted: 11th February 2017

With the temperature set to take a chilly turn this weekend, please take a minute to read through our cold weather advice to keep your pets safe and snug:


Dogs paws can get very cold and sore in the cold weather so don't let them stay outside for too long.


Make sure if your cat goes outdoors that they can get back into the house if it gets too cold. Or make sure that they have somewhere safe and warm that they can go to such as a playhouse with a cat flap and extra bedding.

Rabbits and small mammals:

It is best to bring your 'small furries' indoors if possible during the very cold weather. If this is not possible then make sure that they have plenty of extra bedding and protection from the wind. Check their water bottles regularly to make sure that they are not frozen too!

A chilly turn

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